When playing golf, it is important to experience the steadiness of the golf course: Trimmed greens, cut grass and even holes. Taking care of a golf course, to ensure this experience each time, requires the right equipment and tools, to ensure consistency and high performance. 

At Fshmachines you will find a big variety of golf machines which are all made to make your life easy when taking care of a golf course. The most reason machine in the sortiment is the e-Cutter, which you can find on hole cutter. Visit the webpage to learn more or continue reading for a short introduction to this magnificent machine. 

Perfect and even hole every time

With a e-Cutter, you will get a machine which ensure you will get perfect and even holes every time you dig a new one. While doing so, the machine also sustains your green and greenkeeper, so you do not risk destroying your course while cutting the wholes. 

No dirt or soil will gather around the hole, since the foot panel will protect the green from this. 

The machine is very easy to use: You simply just place the machine at the desired spot, push start and then gently push the machine down towards the green. From there, the machine takes care of the rest. 

Reuse the grass and reuse the machine

When covering up the old holes, you can use the newly cut grass from your newly cut hole. Thereby you are practicing a sustainable way of caring for your golf course. 

The e-Cutter itself can also be reused for other purposes. In only 15 minutes, you can change the drilling head on the machine to a sprinkler head, which mean you can cut sprinkler holes with the same machine – brilliant!

Great service when buying the machine

When buying a e-Cutter through Fshmachines, you will also get the best service on the market! Here you can ask your questions and raise your concerns, either when choosing or buying a product, or when you receive the product and try i out the first time. 

There are no stupid questions, and help is always within a phones range. You can therefore easily choose to buy your e-Cutter through Fshmachines and get it right the first time. 

Follow the link hole cutter to check out the e-Cutter today, and receive it at your location within short time, to start taking care of the golf course for a new season!


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